The Process

The Song

Qu. Does the reciever of the song have a favourite type of music? 

Perhaps a favourite artist too? Or favourite instrument? Does he or she prefer male or female vocals? Writing in this style will definatley help make a deeper connection. 

Qu. Where would you like the song to be played? 

Think about the environment, is it calm, noisy, a party atmosphere, or perhaps intimate? Some genres of songs will be more suited than others. 

If you need help, ask yourself the following questions...

Final Step

Qu. How will the song be used?

Are you or the other person/s likey to want to sing the song, this may influence the style you choose. 

What would you like to say?

What type of song would you like written?

* The place you met. 

* The places you go.

* The things you do (funny, loving, happy, sad etc). 

* Your similarities and differences (in personality, values and outlook on life. 

* Why you care so much for this person. 

* What this person is to you, and what you are to them. 

* If you could sum up your feelings in a few words, what would they be?

* Would there be an object or something in your life or the universe you could compare them to?

Tip... To help those words flow, think about...

Decide upon a style of song.


- Choose one (or more) of our singers that you would like to sing your song, or let us match one for you. Listening to our singers may help you choose your style.


- Gather a few songs that you would like your 'pop the song' to 'feel alike' - should you have any.  


- If the song if being devoted by more than one person, this may influence your decision. 


- Put a few words or lyrics together to tell us the message youd like to give somone (we will help with the lyrics and layout - dont worry!).


- Is there anyone besides our team you would like to feature on the track in some way? If so, we can record them! (ability depending of course, sorry!).   


- If the song is being devoted by more than one person, each person may want to put their own thoughts and words into the song, this may also be done privately for couples devoting to each other. 

- We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line and lets make those words sound a whole lot more meaningful. 

Second Step

Second Step

First Step


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