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Pop the song provides bespoke songs in a number of different popular genres, and works with various singers to match these different genres. The following package prices apply to all available styles and singers... 

Bespoke Song - Single - £500 £750 



- 1 x Bespoke Song devoted from one person

- 1 x Singer
- Instrumental / Karaoke Version
- Printed Lyrics 

Bespoke Song - Double - £650 £850 



- 1 x Bespoke Song devoted from one couple to eachother 

- 1 x Singer
- Instrumental / Karaoke Version
- Printed Lyrics 

Bespoke Song - His & Hers - £850 £1000 



- 2 x Bespoke Songs devoted from one couple to eachother

- 2 x Genres (If required)
- 2 x Singers (If required)
- Instrumental / Karaoke Version
- Printed Lyrics 

Launch Offer! (Limited time only) 



(In addition to above).


Please note. Above package prices exclude ‘live performances’, please see the ‘Extras’ section for ‘live performance’ costs and further options for your package, thank you. 

Extras / Add-Ons.


In addition to your chosen package, there are further services available... 

Live Performance - £250 (Per Singer)

Your Bespoke Song will be performed live at your chosen location (Travel expenses and overnight accomodation may be additional. UK based singers only.)



Additional Singer (on Recording) - Duet - £100

Why not have two singers on your song, a male and female duet is great should you want to sing the song together long after the day it is given.



Your Song To Picture - £Quote

Pop The Song work with many talented photographers and movie makers, If you want your soundtrack to picture, please show your interest upon booking and we can arrange a quote for you.



Sheet Music - For The Band - £50

If you have a band or musicians playing on the day of your event, your Bespoke Song can be provided in printed format and induvidual parts can be given to the band / musicians to learn prior to the event. 



- A meeting / discussion will take place to create a theme, lyrical content and ultimate message for your song. This can be done in person at my studio in London, via skype or email depending on your preference, location or country.



- A 'rough draft' of the song will be sent for review.


- Reviews can be discussed at my studio in London, via skype or elsewhere more convienient.


- Lyrics and elements can be added, taken away or changed to suit your taste. 



- The song will be delivered to you via email, and added to streaming platforms online if required.


- An Instrumental and karaoke version will be provided for addtional usage (Great on duets too!).  


-Lyrics will be sent in printable formats.

The Process.



Once you have your Song Package, Song Style and Singer(s), the following steps will be taken to get your song where it needs to be... 



- Should you wish to tweak, change or add to the rough draft song when it comes through, your first changes are free. Additional tweaks and changes may incur fees. 


- The song may not stop here. Please see our copyright policy for future use of the song. 


- Ideally, 1-2 months minimum notice is needed to get a song sounding its best before the moment it is handed over. It can of course be done quicker, but at an over-time rate. 


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