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Your bespoke song can be a number of styles, love ballad, acoustic, folk, pop or dance! Let's help you pick the right type of song, get a powerful message together, and Pop The Song will take care of the rest (the writing and production). 


The genre

Ask yourself the following...

  • Qu. Where would you like the song to be played? Think about the environment, is it calm, noisy, a party atmosphere, or perhaps intimate?

  • Qu. What impact do you want the song to have? Heartfelt? Uplifting? Funny? Intimate? Reflective?


  • Qu. Does the reciever of the song have a favourite type of music? Perhaps a favourite artist too? Or favourite instrument? Does he or she prefer male or female vocals?

Writing by the Water


The lyrics

Ask yourself the following...

  • The place you met. 

  • The places you go. 

  • The things you do (funny, loving, happy, sad etc). 

  • Your similarities and differences (in personality, values and outlook on life. 

  • Why you care so much for this person. 

  • What this person is to you, and what you are to them. 

  • If you could sum up your feelings in a few words, what would they be? How does it feel?

  • Would there be an object or something in your life or the universe you could compare them to?

What's next?...

Now that you have a rough idea of the song, next you need to pick a singer.

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