Writing music for other people and companies, besides myself, has allowed me to become very familiar with writing in many different styles and genres, To be specific, genres like Acoustic, Ballads, Folk, Pop, Dance, Indie etc. So, being current, flexible in style, handing in on time, and going to bed late are all ticked boxes. 


Instruments covered include piano, guitar, vocals and synth. However, I am lucky enough to have access to a very fruitful team of session players and artists, should something else need tackling. If youd like to be even more involved, recording yourself, or somebody you want on your song is is also possible (quality controlled of course).


If you want to give away a song to someone, but unsure of what style would be best, listed on the 'Write Your Song' page are some questions to help you along your way! 

The Music

I’ll take my 15-plus years in the industry, formal musical training, and experience working in major recording studios with many talented bands of today, and craft your song to triple the impact of your special day.


I currently write chart and library music for adverts, film and the world of bespoke music. Venturing with EMI Music, Warner Chappell Music and West One Music lead to music being featured internationally with companies such as Columbia Picture, Discovery Channel, SKY, Channel 4, FIVE, Big Brother, Hollyoaks, Corronation Street and lots more. 


Being based in 'The Dairy Studios' in south London (Beverly Knight, Muse, Ed Sheeran, Moby and more), quality recordings, collaberations and comfortable meetings are all very achievable. When we work together, i'll happily show you around. 

The Writing

Music speaks louder than words. Whatever it is you want to say to someone, a personalised song will help your words pluck those heart strings a little bit harder! 


Pop The Song will mix your words with our original music to help you deliver your message, whether it be on a wedding day, birthday or any other special occasion, in an unforgetable, everlasting way. 


Love song, laugh-to song or dancy little number, whatever your flavour, we can spice things up or down depending on how you plan to use your song. 


Are you more than one person? A group? You can devote a song to someone on behalf of a whole team! Or, if you are a couple, you can have a song written for each other, and ill keep your words a secret until the main event!

About Pop The Song

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