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Imagine this Moment with a Custom Song for Your Special Someone

Pop The Song offers a unique experience – taking your personal messages and merging them with our music, so you can make every special moment – from weddings to birthdays – even more memorable.

Music speaks louder than words.

Bespoke Songs for Special Occasions

"The most beautiful, unique and ever-lasting gift I could give."

"My favourite day as a soundtrack! It's more than just a photograph or video." 

"I have always wanted to write a song for someone."

Completing Your Tune

Together, we can start or finish that song you've always wanted to start or finish!

Crafting Emotional Anthems

Let me turn your words and feelings into something even more powerful, beautiful and everlasting. 

Songs for Special Moments

Together, we can start or finish that song you've always wanted to start or finish!


Let me introduce myself

I’m Brad Parsons. Song-Writer, Instrument Alchemist and general Music Addict. My Super Power? “Mixing YOUR words and memories - with MY powerful music - for a soundtrack that calls to be played again and again…” 

Let's use my 15-plus years in the industry, formal musical training, and experience working in major recording studios with many talented bands of today, and craft your song to triple the impact of your special day.


I currently write music for film, tv, and commercial project. Venturing with Sony EMI Music, Warner Chappell Music, APM Music and more lead to music being featured internationally with companies such as Netflix, Columbia Picture, Discovery Channel, SKY, Channel 4, FIVE, Love Island, Say I do, Corronation Street and lots more. 


I am so grateful that Pop The Song allows me (and you) to use my creativity in the most authentic way possible, putting real words, to real music, for real people like you or youre loved one!

About Pop The Song

Music speaks louder than words. Whatever it is you want to say to someone, a personalised song will help your words pluck those heart strings a little bit harder! 


Pop The Song will mix your words with our original music (unique to you) to help you deliver your message, whether it be on a wedding day, birthday or any other special occasion, in an unforgetable, everlasting way. 


Love song, laugh-to song or dancy little number, whatever your flavour, we can spice things up or down depending on how you plan to use your song. See how to create your song.


Are you more than one person? A group? You can devote a song to someone on behalf of a whole team! Or, if you are a couple, you can have a song written for each other, and i'll keep your words a secret until the main event!

The Music

​I love writing songs and lyrics for a multitude of briefs, artists and genres. And together with your story and what you want to say, I'm confident your song will have the character and uniqueness it deserves, matching that of whom the song is for! 


Depending on your message, how you intend to deliver it (ceremony, dance floor), and the tastes of your main listener, we can discuss what style of song would best suit the occasion. Typically, Love ballads, acoustic folk or upbeat pop tracks work a treat!

Having worked with many top-notch musicians and singers over the years, the instruments and voices used on your recording will be of the highest quality, speaking straight to the heart! Check out our singers to choose from!

The Process of Creating Your Custom Song

I'll take care of the writing and production, but I need your help to start me off! (All will be discussed upon booking). 

  • Decide upon a style of song. Love ballad, acoustic folk, pop, upbeat, downbeat? (Or leave to me).​

  • Put a few words together to tell us the message you'd like to give someone (we will help with the lyrics and layout - dont worry!).

    See the 'Write It' page for more info and help.


Suzie & Alex


Parkin Reveller - London / Tower Bridge

"I watched a singer I didn't remember booking get up on stage, and then my husband turned to me and said - theres something else id like to say to you. As I listened to this incredible song I had never heard before, I realised that I knew it, because it was about me, and Alex, us! I didn't know how to react and so I just cried, in a good way. A beautiful moment!

The day had already gone like a dream, but after this song it was that one dream that will never be forgotten.  "

"Closer" -

Written by Pop The Song - Performed by Lifford. 

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